Neo X is a 'Point of Disposal' Waste Incinerator.

It hyper-efficiently burns waste that cannot be reused, recycled or is toxic.

The key differences between this process and other methods are the temperatures,

(1200ºC in Neo X vs ~500ºC on avg.), and the time taken to reach such heat.

Neo X can help drop emissions of toxic gases by >300 times


Sanitary napkins, Face Masks (N-95 and other), Tampons, Toxic Cloth-Waste, any Cotton or Cotton fabric, Medical Waste such as Band Aids/Gauze,  Non-recyclable plastics, Cigarette butts, Hazardous/chemical waste must be incinerated.

All these contain chemicals such as Dioxins, Furans, Carbons, Sulphurs and Nitrates

all of which need to burn at very high temperatures to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Let's get technical


for Dioxins)

Look again please, Neo X emissions are shown in dark green (almost invisible),

compared with the grey and yellow. 

This chart compares toxic emissions released during a burn cycle (of ~50 Sanitary Napkins) 

using Neo X vs Avg. Machine vs Open fires

Why NeoX?

Active Fire Shield


An Active Fire-Shield ensures that it is fully safe if the door is opened during a burn-cycle. 


The door also comes with a lock which has to be forced open during the cycle.

Active Cooling in the machine keeps the outer body cool (~60ºC), while the inside temperature is 1200ºC

Additionally, the machine has a Heat Shield around its body.

 At the Bangalore International Airport


The machine is powered by Induction Technology and uses less than 0.2 Units of electricity/cycle. 

Burn time is just 5 mins, so you're using less than 2 Indian Rupees/cycle.

In the current process of waste management most money is spent on fuel and vehicles to transport waste.

Designed for safe, easy decentralisation


The machine uses motion, time and day triggers to run.

It has no manual buttons to press and auto-starts burn cycles when there is enough waste inserted. 


Operations, monitoring and maintenance of Neo X are IoT-based, requiring very little human intervention

 - creating efficiency, transparency and reducing error.

UI for the machine's Web-app


The machine's design enables easy installation in a wide variety of spaces like-

Bathrooms, common areas, outdoor STP areas or almost anywhere in the premises.


It's quiet, compact, odourless - Inspite of the task at hand.

On average, we spend at least Rs.35 per kg (~50 cents) to have this waste taken from our houses/offices/factories - only to then have it disposed around the city without care.​

Neo X spends a maximum of Rs.4 (~5 cents) per kg in handling this waste - safely and efficiently.

There are also innumerable chain reactions and the butterfly effect of each act, balances which are too delicate to fully understand.
A small example:
Toxic seepage from Landfills
Contaminated food
Trickles to groundwater
Water pumped for irrigation

Why Decentralise?

Affiliations & Clients

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