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Neo-X is a 'Point of Disposal' Incinerator

It hyper-efficiently burns waste that can't be reused, recycled or is toxic

The key difference between this process and other methods is the temperature-

1200ºC Neo-X and the time taken to reach this temperature

Neo-X can help drop emissions of greenhouse gases by >95%


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What is Reject/Toxic Waste?

Sanitary napkins, Face Masks (N-95 and other), Tampons, Toxic Cloth-Waste, any Cotton or Cotton fabric, Medical Waste such as Band Aids/Gauze,  Non-recyclable plastics, Cigarette butts, Hazardous/chemical waste- all need be carefully incinerated

All these items contain chemicals such as Dioxins, Furans, forms of Carbon, Sulphur and Nitrates-all of which need to burn at very high temperatures, using oxygen in air, to ensure significantly lesser and cleaner emissions

Emissions Compared


for Dioxins)

Note: Emissions from using Neo-X are shown in dark green (net-zero)

compared with the grey and yellow bars which are the current emission levels

This chart compares toxic emissions released on burning ~50 Sanitary Napkins,

using the Neo-X  vs Avg. Machine vs Open fires

neo X (3).png

Other Features

Easy to use

The machine can be installed easily in any space - homes/offices/schools/public spaces airports/factories or anywhere waste is generated

It operates automatically, leaving the user with just the task of dumping the right waste into the machine.

This takes away the hassle of storing, transporting and handling large amounts of reject-waste

Uses little energy

The machine is powered using our proprietary Induction Technology, that uses under 

0.2 Units of electricity/cycle. 

Cycle time is ~5 mins, so you're using less than 2 Indian Rupees per Kg to handle waste.

That's quicker and cheaper than any other method in the world

Ash-tray system

Safety and Live-monitoring

An Active Fire-Shield ensures that the fire is safely contained inside the burn-chamber.

There is also a heat shield around the machine, to keep it user-friendly.

Each machine and its operation is monitored 'live' on our systems, and can be controlled remotely-

so we're always with you through the process of handling this new function, easy as it might be.

 At the Bangalore International Airport



It's quiet, compact, odourless - Inspite of the task at hand.

Once installed, the Neo-X can be left to perform its function all day/night.

The design allows the machine to be easily integrated into a smart-city infrastructure

as easily as into a waste-collection facility.

On average, we spend at least Rs.35 per kg (~50 cents) to have this waste taken from our houses/offices/factories - only to then have it disposed around the city without care.​

Neo-X spends a maximum of Rs.2-4 (~5 cents) per kg in handling this waste -

safely and efficiently.

There are also innumerable chain reactions in nature and the butterfly effect of each act,
too delicate to fully understand inspite of our current scientific abilities
A simple example:
Toxic seepage from Landfills
Contaminated food
Trickles to groundwater
Water pumped for irrigation

Why Decentralise?

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