Neo-X is a 'Point of Disposal' Incinerator

It hyper-efficiently burns waste that can't be reused, recycled or is toxic

The key difference between this process and other methods is the temperature-

1200ºC Neo-X and the time taken to reach this temperature

Neo-X can help drop emissions of greenhouse gases by >95%


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What is Reject/Toxic Waste?

Sanitary napkins, Face Masks (N-95 and other), Tampons, Toxic Cloth-Waste, any Cotton or Cotton fabric, Medical Waste such as Band Aids/Gauze,  Non-recyclable plastics, Cigarette butts, Hazardous/chemical waste- all need be carefully incinerated

 All these items contain chemicals such as Dioxins, Furans, forms of Carbon, Sulphur and Nitrates-all of which need to burn at very high temperatures, using oxygen in air, to ensure  significantly lesser and cleaner emissions

Emissions Compared


for Dioxins)

Note: Emissions from using Neo-X are shown in dark green (net-zero)

compared with the grey and yellow bars which are the current emission levels

This chart compares toxic emissions released on burning ~50 Sanitary Napkins,

using the Neo-X  vs Avg. Machine vs Open fires