neoX is a Point of Collection (PoC) Incinerator.


It's the safest, smartest way to deal with sanitary waste. 

Landfills are everywhere, the city air is unhealthy, but somehow we feel disconnected to all the waste we generate. 

This doesn't mean that this waste doesn't come back into our lives - one way or another.

It's not ending up in space (not yet atleast).


One solution is to decentralise waste management so that we can better track

how it's actually handled.


"What goes around comes around", as Justin says.

A small example;


Toxic Landfill-Seepage >

Food we eat !

Trickles to groundwater 

< Water used for irrigation

These two charts compare some toxic emissions released during a burn cycle (~50 Sanitary Napkins) 

using neoX  vs using a machine that doesn't meet incineration standards. 


This doesn't include the emissions released by all the vehicles involved in transporting waste to a centralised, far-off facility, as is the case without neoX.

Let's go Techno

Why neoX?

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 11.34.23

1200ºC in Minutes

NeoX reaches 1200ºC in a couple of minutes, changing the chemical composition of the waste completely into safer forms. No other commercial Incinerators come close to these temperatures.


Fire Shield Safety

The Fire Shield ensures that the user feels no more than a just little heat, incase they open the door mid-Incineration. This makes it highly public-friendly.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 11.07.12


Operators and users can interact seamlessly with neoX. All features are easily accessible through a simple web-app. The machine has no physical buttons to touch and works through automated sensors.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.55.00


Each NeoX is monitored online through servers for any performance related survey or error. Any issues can be resolved online.

Staff needs to empty the sterile ash once a week.

Other Features


NeoX is designed to prevent any smell, foul or otherwise. Customers using the bathroom won't guess what's cooking - or rather that there's cooking.

Energy Efficient

It can run a burn cycle using just 0.2 Units of electricity. Compare that to the power that would be used in the long process of reaching a far-off waste facility.

Incineration doesn't have to be ugly, if done right. NeoX is not only functional but also aesthetic, something that we consciously worked on. It makes sanitation look good.


Cooling System

NeoX knows how to chill. After incinerating in about 5 mins, the machine's cooling mechanism brings it back to normal temperatures in under 8 minutes



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